Cabbage and Bacon

This post was not planned. It’s the week after Thanksgiving and I am a little over-cooked. I could barely find the motivation to go to the grocery store last night, let alone figure out what I was going to put on here this week. I knew I wanted to make beef bourguignon, a la Julia, but not for the blog since that’s been done. But because of that recipe I came home with a whole package of bacon, only needing two slices of them. I also brought back a wreath, trying to get into the spirit of the fast approaching holiday.

Unfortunately I felt more like the Grinch. Maybe it was just a case of the Mondays or maybe it was because I left the door open when I got home and my dogs ran away (don’t worry, I found them). In any case I tried to rally and decide what to do with my replacement for a Christmas tree. As I was going through my box of decorations I found yards of red and gold ribbons that were my mom’s. I never understood why she kept so much ribbon, but apparently I decided to do exactly the same thing. Then I had a vision and got a little crafty with my wreath. My spirits were starting to lift and I was ready to tackle the kitchen.

Having not planned for my dinner, I searched my refrigerator only to find a lot of cranberry sauce (I think I need to change my last entry to read “serves an army”), 4 kinds of mustard, and a head of cabbage. Suddenly it came to me: cabbage and bacon. The simplest most delicious thing I know how to make. Think of it as Brussels sprouts and pancetta, but more down to earth. And who do you think taught me this delightful dish? My mom of course. When I was little I would cook the bacon while she chopped the cabbage. If I wasn’t looking she would steal the perfectly crisp bacon I had just made before it could reach the cabbage. So now I always steal a few pieces away for myself to make sure I get my fair share.

‘Why am I rambling on so much?’ you may ask. This is a food blog after all, not a diary. I guess I just found happiness in the unplanned, despite my best efforts to have a “blah” day. I love how little things like cooking and wreath decorating bring back memories. Sometimes I get a little type A when I am making this blog, but that really takes all the fun out of it. So every once in a while I may need to detox. In which case you will probably find me making the exact same thing for dinner.

Cabbage and Bacon, just for me

  • 1/2 a head of cabbage, chopped
  • 7 pieces of bacon
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Fry the bacon in a large skillet. Remove the bacon and pat dry with a paper towel. Put the cabbage in the skillet with the bacon grease* and cook for 10 minutes or until the cabbage is wilted. Season with salt & pepper. Crumble up the bacon into little pieces and toss with the cabbage. Grab your fork and go!

*Please be careful when handling bacon grease. Some of you will be interested to know this is my first attempt at making bacon after the accident. And no, I did not spill any on my hand again.


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  1. Vanessa Terveen says:


    Love reading your posts each week! You are too creative. I think Will and I both agree that the fried pickles and pulled pork tacos are our favorites. Hopefully I’ll get around to making them soon. Hope you’re doing well and had a great Thanksgiving!


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