Piña Coladas

For a while my dad was really into mojitos. So into them that for Christmas one year I gave him a muddler, lime squeezer, and a mint plant. He was convinced he had the best recipe for a mojito, and whenever we would go out to eat he would give very specific instructions to the waiter about how to prepare them. But now my dad has moved on, and it’s all about piña coladas. Once again he is sure he has the best recipe, never-mind that it is on the back of the Coco Lopez can. He excitedly suggested that we make them for the blog, and not being one to argue with tropical drinks, I obliged. My only condition was that we use real pineapple juice, not the canned stuff. We were both wowed by the outcome.

Making piña coladas is super easy (and drinking them is even easier). All you need is a good blender, pineapple juice, Coco Lopez, and ice. And some rum doesn’t hurt. To make the pineapple juice we cut up a whole pineapple into chunks and pureed it in the blender. The liquid was thicker than it would have been if we had used a juicer, but we did not have one. It tasted just as good as it was, and we have made this recipe a second time already. So I suggest you make this ASAP. Plop a maraschino cherry in the middle, stick a fancy umbrella on the side, and call it a day.

Piña Coladas, serves 8-10

  • 1 whole pineapple, cut into pieces and pureed
  • 1 15 oz. can Coco Lopez
  • 12 oz. light rum
  • 8 cups ice

For visual instructions on how to cut a pineapple I found this website to be handy. Once you have cut the pineapple into small pieces put them in a blender and process until pureed. Transfer the liquid to a large measuring glass. There should be at least 16 oz. of juice. Set aside the extra. Combine the Coco Lopez, rum, 16 oz. of pineapple juice, and ice in a blender. If you have a small blender you may need to add the ice in smaller batches as it blends. Blend until smooth. Traditionally piña coladas are served in a collins glass, garnished with a maraschino cherry and a slice of pineapple. However you serve it, you will love it.


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  1. Vy says:

    I love Coconut! I’m definitely making this!

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