This is my great grandmother Carrie. As you might guess, she was famous for her cooking. My dad always knew he wanted to name me after her. Little did he know that I would share her love for cooking. My love for the cucina dell’arte began when I studied in Florence, Italy. Not only did I prioritize finding the best places to eat, but I also took my first cooking class. I learned how to make my own pasta, the trick to cutting peppers, and that I really don’t like cuttlefish. While I was in Florence, I also took a photography class, and I have been taking pictures constantly ever since. Back home, I decided the perfect way to combine my new found love for food and photography was to make this blog. Now, I am always looking for new recipes or trying to recreate my favorite dishes. My goal is to share the recipes I love, in hopes that you will find something new, rediscover an old favorite, or be inspired to create a dish of your own. Please share your stories and enjoy!